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WWI MID Oak Leaves

WWI MID Oak Leaves
WWI MID Oak Leaves WWI MID Oak Leaves WWI MID Oak Leaves
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WWI MID - Mentioned in Dispatches Oak Leaves 

Size: Full Size

Authenticity: Reproduction

Country / Service Awarded To: British & Commonwealth Forces


Soldiers of the British Empire or the Commonwealth of Nations who are mentioned in dispatches but do not receive a medal for their action, are nonetheless entitled to receive a certificate and wear a decoration. For 1914–1918 and up to 10 August 1920, the decoration consisted of a spray of oak leaves. This decoration was only established in 1919, but it had retroactive effect. From 1920 to 1993, the decoration consisted of a single bronze oak leaf, and in the Canadian Forces still does. Even if the soldier is mentioned in dispatches more than once, only a single such decoration is worn. In Britain, since 1993, the decoration is a single silver oak leaf. In each case the decoration is pinned or sewn diagonally on to the appropriate campaign medal ribbon. If no campaign medal is awarded, the oak leaf is worn on the left breast of the dress uniform.

Prior to 1979, a mention in dispatches was one of the few awards that could be made posthumously, the others being the Victoria Cross and George Cross. If a man performed an act of an unusually high degree of heroism that led to his death, his commanders would know that any recognition of that act would be either the Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth's highest decoration—and therefore the subject of much scrutiny, both before and after it was awarded—or else the MiD, the Commonwealth's lowest decoration – a decoration that did not even confer its own discrete medal. The 1979 reform removed the 'all or nothing' lottery. 



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